Make your brand sustainable and stylish with us.

We are an all-in one studio to imagine, test and produce your ideas and projects.

Fabric Printing and Textile Design

Printed Recycled Fabric per meter

Shop our recycled fabrics printed with any print design, ours or yours, or plain colours, without minimum requirements. 

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Textile Design Studio

We offer non-exclusive and exclusive pattern designs. We also create custom pattern designs according to your requirements and inspirations.

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Textile Design Preparation

Do you have a design that you would like to turn it into a repeated pattern design or ready for fabric printing? Reach us, we can help!

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Fashion Design and Manufacturing

Fashion Design

We help you to imagine and design your collection from scratch. The final outcomes are technical packs with all details for production.

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Prototypes and Sampling

Do you want to create prototypes to see how your collection will look? We help you to choose the materials and to build the foundations of your collection.

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We produce small collections for the brands that we partner with. We provide support from the beginning: concept, design to production.

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