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We print recycled fabrics with any pattern design, ours or yours, with no minimum quantities.

789. Barroco Chess Multicolour 799. Tartain Classic 793. Chess Overlap Houndstooth 798. Tartain Classic Black 785. Barroco Black and White

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Three reasons why you should mesh with us

#1 Make your world sustainable

From what we wear to how we live, every day we make choices in our lives that affect the environment, the climate and other species.  We help you with the right choices for the planet by turning your brand, project, creative pieces or ideas in sustainable ones.

#2 Access lots of unique designs

Our team of designers puts its effort on being aligned with trends, while trying to offer you unexpected feelings, movement, colours, shapes and techniques through our designs. We hope that traveling in our pattern design collection will be an exciting journey, as it is for us.

#3 Shop with no minimum quantities

We do not want you to commit on orders that you do not need. For us it is important that you have flexibility, so you can reduce waste, reduce stocks and put your investment and effort on what makes sense for you and for your project.